Empowerment Coaching

by Dr. Melanie Wenzel

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you please describe your coaching in a nutshell?

My coaching style is a deep methodology that incorporates traumasensitive breathwork, embodiment practices, meditation and visualization exercises as well as talk coaching.

Do you only coach in English?

No, I also coach in German. Which is actually my mother tongue.

How do I know if my institution is able to fund my coaching?

Go and ask your program coordinator, managing director or supervisor! 🙂

Usually, every publicly funded research project has a specific budget for the promotion of equal opportunities and excellence in education and research systems, especially related to gender equality and balancing a scientific career with family commitments.

I collaborate with many academic institutions such as: post graduate programs, schools, and international collaborative research centers.

The administration of the funding is usually quite easy, especially for DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) funded research projects and programs.

If your organization is unable to fund coaching, do not hesitate to contact me regarding individualized terms and conditions.

Where do I find the intake form you were talking about?
Of course, the answers are absolutely voluntary. The advantage of completing the questionnaire is that I will be best prepared to attune to your specific situation and needs right away in our fist session. 
If you want to start as efficient as possible, please complete the form up to 24h before our first session. 
Why do you want me to complete the questionnaire/intake form you before we meet?
Of course, the answers are absolutely voluntary. The advantage of completing the questionnaire is that I will be best prepared to attune to your specific situation and needs right away in our fist session.
If you want to start as efficient as possible, please complete the form up to 24h before our first session. 
Where do the sessions take place? How do we meet?
The sessions will take place via video call on Zoom. You will get the specific link with every booking/confirmation of date & time.
You just need to click on the link when we have our appointment.
All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection.
And you need an email adress to register. The registration process is very simple and quick.
If you haven’t used Zoom before, click the link 10 min before our first appointment to ensure that we can start on time. Sometimes you need to download a little app.
I have never worked with a coach before - what do I need to do to be prepared?

You don’t need to do anything specific to prepare yourself for our sessions.

Come as you are! All your parts are welcome!

You can trust that I will lead you through the session in a way that you can focus and surrender to the process itself and feel as safe as possible.

If you want to tune into the upcoming session, find the/a part of you that is playful, open and curious.

Can we/I book single sessions?

You can book single sessions after we completed either the initial 6-Sessions-Package or 2 x 3-Sessions-Packages.

This is in the best interest of the client. It makes a huge difference in the transformation process if there is a certain strong commitment beforehand. It also helps the client to not take the easy way out when things get more intense and potentially highly transformative.

Having said that, of course everything I ask you or ask you to do is always an invitation. Nothing will happen without your consent.

After 6 Session the client and I have usually established a great foundation that is stable enough to do great work together whenever the client feels “it is time” for another session.

My institution funds my coaching. Do they get information of what happens during the sessions?
Everything that you share in the sessions or in personal communication with me before, between or after our sessions is strictly confidential.
Nobody has the right to and will get any of this personal information. Not your supervisor, not your boss, not the administration, not the funding organisation.
How can I set the space for our session in order to get the most out of our session?
Please plan 30 min after each session before your next appointment takes place.
Should I feel it would be supportive for your process I would to go a bit overtime.
And you also should have time to integrate the session. It is important and nourishing for your nervous system to be able to take time for that and not to feel rushed into the next task/talk/appointment/…
During and for your integration time after the session you should ensure that you won’t be disturbed by anyone and that you feel safe to share sensible information with me without someone else listening.
That means, you should be alone in the room, doors shut, phone in silent mode and colleagues or family members etc. should be informed that you don’t want to be disturbed unless the building is on fire. 😉
Also silence or even better: switch off your phone, and other devices that are unneccessary.
You also should be able to sit comfortably and the device our video call is running on is stable on a table or similar – your hands need to be free & your body as relaxed as possible.
Make sure you are as comfortable as possible in terms of what you wear. I know this is not always easy in a work context, but especially when you are having the sessions at home allow yourself to wear comfortable cloths, make sure you are warm enough, that you can sit comfortable and that there is also a space where you could lay down comfortably and have freedom to move (couch, bed, mat on the floor).
It would be great if you had a 1-4 more chairs or 4 pillows available. We might use them sometimes. And we will also be able to work around that if you don’t have them available.
If you know you love to take notes, it is great to have a special notebook and a pen for your coaching process and progress. You might want to take some notes during or after the session.
Having said that, during the session I will take a lot of notes for you and send them to you afterwards so that you can focus on your process.
Will the sessions be recorded?
Unless you wish to. We can enable video and/or audio recordings.
Independent of that, I will take high-quality notes during each session for you to have.
Why are you taking notes during the session?
Because then you don’t have to do it and can concentrate on your process.
Because a lot of wisdom will arise into your consciousness and you might want to remember that. 😉
Because it is great to reflect on the session afterwards. And you might experience when going through my notes that you find even more wisdom and other perspectives on/around the process that you went through.
Because I always prepare before our next session by tuning into you through centering, meditation and going through our past sessions via the notes.

Empowered Women Empower The World.

Dr. Melanie Wenzel

Dr. Melanie Wenzel - Empowerment Coach

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