Rediscovering Yourself

My miracle morning routine

My miracle morning routine

Mornings can be challenging, especially if there is a lot on your plate. And let’s be honest: who hasn’t a lot on their plate these days?!

A modern life includes playing a multitude of different roles every day. Like being a badass business or career queen, an amazing friend, an fierce advocate for your health and wellbeing, a mind blowing lover, an efficient household manager, a committed devote to your personal and/or spiritual growth, an empathic and centered parent, … the list could go on and on an on, right?!

Combined with the usual high expectations we are putting upon ourselves – and on a side note: expectations you perceive from others are either in alignment with your own expectations towards yourself or solely your expectations (Because, how often do you really check and ask the other person before raising expectations internally?! More often than not these externalized expectations are first and foremost only in your head)

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The Power Of Emotions

The Power Of Emotions

How do you relate to your emotions? Are there specific emotions you feel uncomfortable with? Are there certain emotions you try to avoid, push down, cover up with any kind of distraction? Are there specific emotions you are attached to, desire above all other emotions? Are you connected to your emotional world? Can you differentiate between a wide range of different emotional states? Do you know how anger, rage, desire, fear, love, excitement, nervousness feels in your body? Are there certain emotions that overwhelm you, that seem to leave you without control, that rush through and out of you and where you feel shame and regret afterwards?

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