If you are anything like me, you were raised to be strong, independent, self-sufficient. And for sure, these are amazing qualities and attitudes. But as it is with (almost) everything: there is a balance. Humankind would not have been as evolved as it is if everyone tried to do everything on their own.

Being in community, sharing tasks, work, success and happiness is innate human and has brought us that far. Not so long ago – taking the history of humankind into consideration – it was basically a death sentence to be expelled from a community or an outcast in general (especially for women). It was very hard, nearly impossible to survive on your own.

Living together and working together, helping each other out – this was just normality. Maybe you didn’t even have to ask for help so often, because it was the natural way of living. It is a great pity that we seem to have lost one of the most wonderful methods of empowerment.

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